bouquetDoesn’t it make you feel good to walk into a room and see a beautiful flower arrangement or smell the sweet scent before you see it? Studies show that flowers create feelings of happiness and not only enhance your mood immediately, but also have a lasting, long-term effect.

Just think how powerful this can be for a loved one, friend, customer or better yet, yourself.
With a fresh floral arrangement sent to your home or office every week you will be surprised at the positive reaction from those around you.

About Us

JoyceJoyce Bellefeuille is the owner and principal designer at Belle Feuille Floral Design.

Belle Feuille is french for beautiful leaf – a perfect name to suit our floral design business. The pronunciation is quite simple – just say, “Bel-Fay”.

With a passion for people and flowers, Joyce brings over 25 years of experience working with both fresh and permanent floral materials.

Joyce is a graduate of Rittner’s School of Floral Design in Boston, MA and has been a marketing professional for 15 years.

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